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What are the skills an HR practitioner should be looking for in a part time financial manager?

If you’re in Human Resources, one of the most important tasks of your job is to find and attract the best human capital to your business. This means not only knowing where to look, but knowing what to look for and recognizing it when you find it.

When it comes to hiring for specific departments, some decisions are easier than others. The more familiar you are with the work that a candidate will be required to do, the easier it is to spot the right person. So, for example, if you’re hiring for your own department you have a very clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses to look for in a potential candidate. When you’re dealing with unfamiliar territory, things get a little murkier. Someone who looks perfect on paper might struggle to fulfill the assignments given to them; another person who seemed perfect to you turns out to be less than ideal to their line manager.

So what about when you’re looking for a part time financial manager? This person will need to head up the finance department. A part time financial manager needs to possess the financial aptitude to do this, so you’ll be looking out for indicators of financial proficiency. They’ll also be managing a team, so you’ll be looking for the classic traits of a good manager. Add to this that they’ll be doing this part time, so you’ll be looking for a special brand of efficiency on top of everything else.

Sound a bit overwhelming? Here’s a list of pointers to make your hunt for a part time financial manager a little easier. Following these guidelines should help you feel more confident of your choice of candidate.

Team player:

Your part time financial manager will only be on the job for a portion of the work week. This means he or she needs to be able to motivate and trust their team. They need a strong sense of group accomplishment and must possess the ability to delegate effectively. Remember, a team player doesn’t refer to someone who tries to please or kowtow to all members of the team. It means that your part time financial manager needs to recognize the power of synergy and understand how to unleash it.

Problem solver:

Your part time financial manager needs to acknowledge problems and tackle them head on. You’re looking for someone who is honest about the challenges faced by the business, and is not intimidated by them. Use scenario questioning to try and determine if they are a “doer” – someone who makes decisions and acts rather than pondering their options for too long. In the role of the part time financial manager, time is a luxury that can’t be wasted.


Your part time financial manager needs excellent analytical skills. She needs the ability to analyse and understand the big picture, and how the financial “cogs” fit into that. Because she oversees a very technical department, she needs to be able to analyse financial statements and cash flow records for accuracy, and pick up mistakes within moments.


A part time financial manager needs to be highly motivated and self-directed. She needs to be able to structure her time in a way that makes her on-the-job hours highly efficient. Waiting for instructions from the MD won’t cut it in this environment.


A part time financial manager needs to excel at communication. This doesn’t mean he needs to possess an extensive vocabulary or be the most erudite person in the business. It means he needs to recognise the importance of facilitating a shared understanding within the business. It means he needs to place a premium on keeping team members and senior management informed. He needs to understand the importance of sending that email and making that phone call, rather than assuming that everyone is on the same page.

If you can look for these traits in addition to ascertaining that level of financial understanding that comes inherent to the role of part time financial manager, you’re on your way to finding a winning candidate. Short cut this process by getting in touch with The Finance Team. We have a network of hand-picked finance professionals who all possess the qualities that would make them effective in the role of part time finance management.

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