Part-time or Interim Financial Executives for every challenge.

In much the same way as you may outsource your legal work, having your financial functions managed by a trusted, experienced team from The Finance Team will make your business more efficient and profitable. If you answer YES to any of these questions, you should be contacting The Finance Team:

  • Would you like useful information to run your company successfully?
  • Is your business successful but you cannot identify the exact source of success?
  • Do you need an accurate forecast of cash flow in six months’ time?
  • Do you need experienced, strategic input to move your business forward?
  • Would you like more time to focus on operational and sales tasks?

Join a growing trend.

More and more fast-growing companies are following the growing trend of employing financial staff on a part-time or interim basis, saving the considerable expense of a full-time person. Increasingly, businesses are turning to these flexible sources of skills and expertise. At The Finance Team, we are able to provide you with Financial Managers, Project Accountants and Chief Financial Officers on a part-time or interim basis – for exactly the length of time you need them and no longer. This makes sense in the current economic climate.

According to an article published in The Harvard Business Review on “The rise of the SuperTemp”, sixteen million Americans are working independently today on either a part-time or interim basis and this figure is expected to rise to twenty million over the next 2 years. This is not just an American phenomenon.  In Europe, where onerous labour laws make it difficult and costly to fire anyone – thus discouraging companies from taking on permanent hires – part-time and interim work is even better established than in the United States. It won’t be long before South African employers start moving in the same direction. According to Booz Allen Hamilton, the UK market for interim managers is one of the best developed, accounting for as much as R27 Billion in revenue in 2009; and across Europe, annual growth in the market for interim executives has been over 20%. Axiom, backed by the venture capital firm Benchmark Capital, today supplies 650 interim lawyers to nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies in the USA. That means you can’t run a company or deal with sophisticated talent today without understanding the rise of “SuperTemps”.

At the high end of the market, independent talent is defined by special skills, and professionals of this ilk are going independent because they can choose what to work on and with whom to work. Once they take the leap they find it very hard to turn back. South African labour policies have also created an unusual pool of highly talented and experienced professionals who can’t get back into the corporate work space and have become available on the independent market. It is common for people to assume that someone who isn’t in a traditional full time job must not be very good. Well, 75% of Axiom’s independent lawyers come from a top 25 school and 60% of Eden McCallum independent consultants are alums of Bain, McKinsey and BCG. These days, it’s the people who have the power in the talent market who are going the way of independent consultant. The part-time and interim market offers a viable platform for highly skilled people who crave flexibility but want to stay in the game.

Maximum experience, minimum red tape.

The Finance Team provides flexible financial and executive solutions to companies needing additional help at peak times or at key points in the company’s development, with no long-term commitment or labour legislation hassles. BEE compliance is also taken care of.

The Finance Team has a solution to meet your unique requirements through our extensive pool of highly experienced financial executives. Our team has experience in numerous sectors and with small and large companies, operating across various organisational levels and at different stages of business growth.

The senior team at The Finance Team are all qualified CA’s and have a solid background in finance and multiple industries.

Our financial executives have the right qualifications along with carefully screened track records in the various areas of financial expertise.

The Finance Team can help you, as an entrepreneur or business executive, to access an experienced financial expert with a business focus. This will ultimately assist you in making better-informed decisions and in taking greater control, all without the need for unnecessary overhead.

What the Finance Team offers.

Part-time Financial Executives.

These are experienced individuals that are able to add value immediately to your business, without the burden of full-time employment factors such as: interview processes, training, induction, employment contracts and employee tax consequences. They are available from as little as two days per month and each solution is based upon the client’s unique requirements.

Interim and Project Financial Executives.

From time to time every business requires additional support from experienced individuals on an interim or project basis, to take care of roles whilst permanent staff are not available in instances such as maternity leave, transitions, resignations etc. Then there are those projects that have to be delivered but where permanent resources are just too thinly stretched to be able to contribute. Our team of experienced individuals is available to meet your Interim and Project requirements in a tailor-made solution.

The generic roles we fill.

  • Financial Managers
  • Project Accountants
  • Chief Financial Officers

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