Why it works.

Our service model at The Finance Team works for the following reasons:

  1. Our associates come with experience. We only associate with graduate professionals who have had the experience to add value within your organisation from day one.
  1. The senior management team are qualified CA(SA)’s with many years’ experience at FM and CFO level. It is these individuals who sit down with you and help you find the perfect match of skill and personality that will provide the solution you require in your business.
  1. Our associates are carefully chosen and as a result we can offer you the flexibility you need to get the most cost-efficient and effective solution. Our interaction can range from 1 day per week to 5 days per week depending on whether you require a Part-time or Interim solution.
  1. No upfront placement fee associated with full-time placements. With Associates of our calibre that is a saving of between R80K and R400K depending on the level of candidate required.
  1. We charge an all-inclusive hourly/daily rate depending on the type of engagement and as a result there are no hidden costs. The price you pay INCLUDES annual leave, sick leave, pension/provident fund contributions, medical aid, travelling allowances, incentive bonuses and the like. These hidden costs can add between 20 to 50 percent to your cost of employment. With The Finance Team you pay for hours worked. Nothing more.
  1. The last thing any business owner needs is more risk in their lives and these days full-time employment comes with a lot of it. At The Finance Team we don’t tie you in to lengthy contracts. We ask for a 30-day commitment from our clients. If we are not adding value, ask us to leave.
  1. The Finance Team is not a recruitment agency. We are a business consultancy specialising in the financial management space. Our senior management team and associates have vast and varied experience and as a client, whilst you will be appointed a dedicated resource, you have access to the knowledge provided by the other associates within our wider team and partner network should the need arise.

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