Strategy Consulting and Advisory Services


Using our cumulative knowledge and experience gained from working with organisations in South Africa, The Finance Team brings superior capabilities that helps clients develop and deliver winning business strategies and solutions.

Our insights into the drivers of company performance and enhancement give us a leading edge, as we are able to analyse a company’s strategic position better than others and ultimately offer more customised and creative business and strategy consulting solutions.

Our deep knowledge in finance, accounting, tax and back-office operations, taken with our sector knowledge, provides a clear line of sight as to how best create value in your business, from a strategic perspective.

Our approach is that we work collaboratively with you, understanding your challenges and vision and putting together action strategies that mobilise your team for change. The Finance Team’s Strategy Consulting and Advisory Practice is led by Bashir Khan and the team takes pride in assembling the best strategy experts to help clients with their most pressing and complex strategic challenges.

One of our key differentiators is that we provide tailored solutions to assist clients drive and achieve sustained business growth. A key starting point in this journey is analysing the company’s current strategic position and then focus on where the company is able to leverage its position to edge out its competitors and ultimately generate higher returns for its shareholders.

Our Strategy Consulting division is built on the following principles or what we like to call The The Finance Team Transcendence Levers:

Bring the best people to the best opportunities with the given resources. At its core, strategy is very much a business science of allocating scarce resources in the most optimal way and this requires a leader at the top who is capable, willing and able to take tough decisions in the best interests of the company. Good strategies are those that can be implemented. Strategies need to drive a change in behaviour and winning strategies ensure that the strategy is cascaded and communicated throughout the organisation

The business model must be robust enough to withstand both internal and external forces. Strategies that have not been architectured around a sound business model and one that delivers repeatable performance will rarely have the ability to nudge out the competition, let alone provide adequate returns to shareholders.

The business ultimately exists to serve customers. Companies often get so internally focussed that they forget about who actually matters most, their customers. By having an awesome and superior customer proposition, combined with the right value drivers, can create a multiplying effect for a company and deliver increasing shareholder returns and opportunities for business expansion and growth.

Our success is your success and we define our value-add and success by your results. At its core, we care deeply and genuinely about our clients. We work with pride and deliver excellence in all that we do, so that the ultimate beneficiary of business growth and success, belong to our clients.


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