A Part-time or Interim Project Accountant

At The Finance Team we can provide an experienced financial executive on an interim or part-time basis depending on the time constraints of the engagement. This can get the project completed without having the headache of another under-utilized overhead once the project is completed, should you employ a full-time project accountant.

With the international global recession and the related slowdown in the South African economy, most corporates and medium-sized companies have had to cut costs dramatically to protect margins – and as a result are left with a core team of stretched financial staff battling to keep up with day-to-day responsibilities and deadlines. It often happens that critical projects and issues emerge requiring immediate and focused attention in the short term that can’t be provided by your already stretched financial staff.

Africa is one of the most profitable emerging markets for both international and South African investors. Many South African corporates are operating throughout Africa very successfully but it certainly does come with its challenges. Financial skills are hard to find on the ground and the cost of repatriating skills into African countries can be exorbitant. We are also finding that local FD’s are spending more time and effort travelling to their African operations to oversee issues – often to the detriment of local operations.

At The Finance Team we are continuing to build a team of seasoned financial professionals that have had African experience and are willing to travel into Africa to oversee your operations on a part-time or interim basis. We can put together a solution that would incorporate monthly or fortnightly travel to your African operations coupled with oversight functions locally that will be more effective and cost-efficient than a full-time resource based on the ground in Africa.

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