Our Model.

Ensuring your business success.

The Finance Team will help you create and strengthen your business success through several key attributes:

  1. Experience
    The Finance Team has contracted a number of the best financial executives currently in the market. They have a minimum of five years’ experience within the financial field and a minimum qualification of B.Com or B.Compt (Hons), with the majority of associates holding either CIMA or SAICA accreditation.
  2. Flexibility
    We are able to tailor-make a solution that suits your company’s needs and budget.
  3. Team approach
    Our teams comprise individuals with multiple skills sets, ensuring we are able to provide the correct level of experience and knowledge for your business.  In addition we ensure that the personalities of our team fit the culture of your company.
  4. Commitment
    We are committed to providing our clients with solutions that solve their problems without adding additional challenges linked to long-term contractual agreements and other types of red tape.
  5. Trust
    The basis of any good relationship is trust. Our clients trust us to make the best possible financial decisions for their organisation. They trust that we place the best possible executives for the job at hand.
  6. Director level involvement
    The directors of The Finance Team adopt a hands-on approach to all our clients’ needs by assessing each project personally so that they are able to find the right ‘fit’ for your particular financial requirements and company culture.

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