Traversing The Avalanche – Some valuable thoughts on this book

Traversing The Avalanche – Some valuable thoughts on this book

So we have been asked by a few people now “what is the big hype around this book launch?”, “why are you involved?” and “what is so unique about Carl’s perspective on governance?”. We thought we would get a few people you might know of to answer that questions for us.

Here are some thoughts and answers – the question really is – will you be at the launch?

Traversing the Avalanche is a practical guide that should be of great assistance to the shareholders and directors of SMEs and private companies to understand their respective roles.” Professor Mervyn King SC

“I should have read Carl Bates’ book Traversing the Avalanche before starting out in business. It would have saved me from making so many silly missteps and badly flawed assumptions. You can’t make a success of business by reading a manual on the subject, but you can avoid major pitfalls. Carl Bates helps you skirt them. Read the book … and take a few notes while you’re at it.” Reg Lascaris, Co-founder TBWAHuntLascaris & author of Lessons From the Boot of a Car

“If you are not sure if and why governance applies to your business, my advice is that you read this book. If you are already convinced of the need for governance but you do not know how to implement it, then equally this book is an invaluable source. And even if your aim is to generally improve your business, you will find this book a hugely beneficial read.” Ansie Ramalho, Chief Executive of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa

“This book is the gold standard. It is essential reading for anyone who is serious about creating a sustainable and credible company.” Arthur Gillis, Director, Platinum Hospitality Holdings & Non-executive Chairman, Africa Development – Marriott International

“Carl’s book fills a vacuum that has existed in the development of SMEs. We’ve heard lots and read even more about why we have to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and why the growth of SMEs are essential to the narrowing of the rich-poor gap. But we’ve had very little about entrepreneurial governance. Some may see the serious guidelines as reasons not to get into business. I see the advice as absolutely necessary to lead the way to business success – your success!” Ashraf Garda, Founder of the Champion South Africa Movement, SAfm Radio Host and Media Personality

“This book addresses a key building block in preparing an SME or privately-held company that wants to evolve from ‘Good to Great’. In the 17 years that I have been an entrepreneur leading a privately-held company, this is the first time I have seen this subject as comprehensively and tangibly addressed.” Orrin Klopper, Chief Executive Officer of Netsurit

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