Outsourced Financial Executives: simplify your hiring process with The Finance Team (TFT)

Outsourced Financial Executives: simplify your hiring process with The Finance Team (TFT)

As an HR manager, you’re aware of the challenges that come with finding the perfect fit for your company, especially when it comes to more senior financial roles. You are typically bombarded with CVs, and they can be overwhelming to evaluate, especially if you have never been a Financial Executive yourself. At The Finance Team (TFT), we offer a unique solution that streamlines your hiring process and ensures that you find the perfect match. Our exclusively contracted team consists of senior financial professionals with extensive and diverse experience in financial management. When you partner with us, you’re not getting a tidal wave of CVs, you’re getting a tried and tested TFT Associate, who has already been through assessments and is fully vetted. One of our regional managers (who are all CAs) will come through to you to take your brief and then present one of our Associates that we know can deliver on that brief.

Here’s how TFT can make your hiring process easier:

Risk-free hiring: Tired of taking chances with unverified CVs? With The Finance Team, you can eliminate the risk. We meticulously vet and choose experienced graduate professionals who can add value to your organisation from day one.
Senior management expertise: Our senior management team consists of qualified CA (SA)s with years of experience at FM and CFO levels. You can trust us to connect you with top-notch financial professionals.
No upfront placement fee: We understand the importance of cost-efficiency. That’s why we offer a no upfront placement fee model, making it financially viable for your organisation.
Flexibility: We offer a flexible solution tailored to your needs. Whether you need a part-time, interim, or project-based Financial Executive, we’ve got you covered.
All-inclusive rate: Our all-inclusive rate ensures transparency.
No long-term contracts: We believe in proving our worth. That’s why we ask for just a 30-day commitment.

Ready to simplify your hiring process and find the perfect financial fit for your organisation? Contact The Finance Team today and let us be your right-hand partner in recruiting top-tier financial talent.

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