Financial Manager Durban

Financial Manager Durban

Part-time or Interim Financial Managers in Durban for every challenge.

At The Finance Team, we are able to provide you with Financial Managers, Project Accountants and Chief Financial Officers on a part-time or interim basis – for exactly the length of time you need them and no longer. This makes sense in the current economic climate.

We are not a recruitment agency. We are a business consultancy specialising in the financial management space. Our senior management team and associates have vast and varied experience and as a client, whilst you will be appointed a dedicated resource, you have access to the knowledge provided by the other associates within our wider team and partner network should the need arise.

What we offer:

The Finance Team specialises in providing businesses with highly experienced financial managers in Durban. A financial manager referred by us will have experience across the board, from small to large companies, in various industries.

Why it works :

  • Our associates come with experience. We only associate with graduate professionals who have had the experience to add value within your organisation from day one.
  • Our senior management team are qualified CA(SA)’s with many years’ experience at FM and CFO level.
  • No upfront placement fee
  • Our associates are carefully chosen and as a result we can offer you the flexibility you need to get the most cost-efficient and effective solution.
  • An all-inclusive rate with no hidden costs.
  • At The Finance Team we don’t tie you into lengthy contracts. We ask for a 30-day commitment from our clients. If we are not adding value, ask us to leave.

Ensuring your business success.

The Finance Team will help you create and strengthen your business success through several key attributes:

  1. Experience
  2. Flexibility
  3. Team approach
  4. Commitment
  5. Trust
  6. Director level involvement.

Our Clients and Partners

Having your financial functions managed by a trusted, experienced team from will make your business more efficient and profitable

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